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《博城》 BetCity Asia致力于理性博彩,并积极促进对问题博彩的关注、提高预防以及干预和消除。《博城》 BetCity Asia以理性博彩政策为起点努力减少问题博彩的负面影响并大力推广理智博彩活动。我们认为,确保您喜爱在我们网站上博彩同时充分关注与问题博彩相关的社会和财务危害是我们对客户您的责任。为了协助您进行理性博彩,我们确保工作人员接受理性博彩意识的培训。如需更多信息或协助请联系客户服务部。



  • 博彩是需要有节制的,是一种休闲方式而不是赚钱方法
  • 避免越输越想捞本的做法
  • 只有在能够承担损失的情况下才博彩
  • 游戏时间长短和资金投入数量的纪录
  • 如果您需要和他人交流关于您博彩的顾虑,请联系我们列出的以下组织。



  1. 您会否因为博彩而不上班或不上学?
  2. 您会以博彩消磨时间或逃避无聊吗?
  3. 您独自博彩很长时间了吗?
  4. 其他人指责您博彩吗?
  5. 由于博彩您已经对家庭、朋友或爱好失去兴趣了吗?
  6. 您曾经说谎以掩盖您花费在博彩上的金钱和时间吗?
  7. 您曾说谎、偷窃或借钱以保证博彩的需要吗?
  8. 您不情愿把博彩的钱花费在其他东西上吗?
  9. 直到输光了您才停止博彩吗?
  10. 在损失金钱后,您是否感觉必须尝试和尽快赢回那些损失?
  11. 如果您博彩输光了,您是否有失落、绝望并有想尽快再博彩的感觉?
  12. 争执、挫折或失望使您想要进行博彩吗?
  13. 博彩使您感觉消沉或有自杀倾向?


博彩互戒协会( Gamblers Anonymous )是一个男女的共同组织,其目标就是并肩解决他们的博彩问题,并帮助解决其他博彩强迫症者的问题。世界各地都有他们的地区组织。互戒协会的国际服务网站为:www.gamblersanonymous.org

博彩医治组织( Gambling Therapy )为每一个不幸被博彩困扰的人提供支持和咨询。该组织成员居于英国及世界各地。其网站为:www.gamblingtherapy.org


任何未满 18 岁人士在《博城》 BetCity Asia开户或博彩均属违法。 《博城》 BetCity Asia会在此方面绝对严格执行。我们对所有使用 18 岁以下青少年可用的存款方式的客户执行电子年龄验证,并随机验证使用其它存款方式。 请注意任何 18 岁以下人士若被发现使用这个网站,所有盈利将被没收并且交由警察处理。


《博城》 BetCity Asia 忠告并鼓励客户阻止未成年人使用博彩网站。 ICRA ( 互联网内容等级协会 ) 为家长提供完整的过滤方案,《博城》 BetCity Asia 作为"博彩内容"网站已经与其注册。 如果您和博彩年龄以下的朋友家人共享电脑,请点击链接注册: www.icra.org 。 此外,过滤方案请见 NetNanny 或 Cyberpatrol。

Gambling is more popularly a form of recreation that can be both fun and rewarding. BetCity Asia team firmly believes that the decision to gamble should always be a personal choice and NOT one made under any pressure from others. Our priority is to ensure the best online casino gaming experience for all our players. Making that happen requires effort on our part as well as responsible gaming on the part of each player.

Never ever gamble if:

- You are not of the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.

- It distracts you from doing your work or fulfilling responsibilities.

- You are recovering from addictive disorders or dependencies.

- You are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

- You are attempting to cover prior gambling losses.

Gambling is viewed by many as a recreational activity. It is mostly a fun and harmless way to escape the monotony of everyday life as well as to pass time. However, there is minority of gamblers for whom this activity has become more than a little troublesome. Compulsive gamblers with an addiction have tarnished the positive image of both of online and land-based gaming businesses.

Like their land-based gaming counterparts, BetCity Asia team is well trained and equipped to spot and identify the troubling signs of compulsive gambling in its players. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and top-notch gaming environment for all but at the same time, also help people who are in need of our assistance.

BetCity Asia believes in providing quality service by being both socially conscientious and compliant to the wishes of our good-intentioned players. Thanks to their long experience in the industry of casino management, BetCity Asia has equipped with the necessary skills and tools to successfully identify the signs of compulsive gambling. With this experience, the team aims to help compulsive gamblers who are in need, outside of the casino.

Gamblers Anonymous is a popular organization that was founded with the purpose of helping and providing support to problematic and compulsive gamblers. The body is made up of a fellowship of men and women with one common trait, the conscious desire to stop gambling compulsively. They pool their experiences, strengths and hope to overcome their addictions together. If you or someone you know is in need of their help, do not hesitate to contact them at: www.gamblersanonymous.org.

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